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One of the best features of WordPress is the extendability of its functionality via plugins. It reduces the risk of directly modifying the source code in the WordPress core system or any plugin that you need to extend the functionality. There are a few facts that you need to keep…

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Blockchain is one of the trending technologies that can be seen in various markets such as Fintech, e-Governance, social networking and several other markets. Blockchain is a growing list of records that are linked to each other. The linking process is executed by using cryptography. …

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Most of us set brand-new life goals when the year is starting up. Those goals are filled up with massive dreams. When the months are passing, you get bored. The main reason to this is because you don’t see any progress with that massive dream you set up. …

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What is SonarCloud?

Analyzing Code Quality, Security and Bugs can be identified as a major task that we need to do during or after developing a software application. When the application is bigger and have so much components in it, it is somewhat harder to analyze manually. To solve this issue, We can…

Harshana Serasinghe

In love with tech ever since I know what a computer is :)

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